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Lumberjack Commandos

The most elite fighting force in the world. They go in Felling Axes and Crosscut Saws hot and run on nothing but flapjacks and pure testosterone. Trees of the world, prepare to meet your maker.

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4 Responses to “Lumberjack Commandos”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    Que Monty Python lumberjack song…

  2. John says:

    Pioneers from The Royal Canadian Regiment a few years back, hence the beards.

  3. Grayson says:

    Kudos to John. If memory serves me correctly, this photo was taken by a photojournalist with the RCR battle group in Bosnia sometime in 1996….but please don’t quote me; I could be wrong.

    And is it my imagination, or do these pioneers look unhappy over the distinct lack of Tim Horton’s coffee in the immediate area?

    Cheers, Fanboy.

  4. Dirty Patricia Pioneer says:

    It was actually 1RCR in Kosovo in 2000. When the pictures hit the media, the hammer came down about grooming standards in all of the Pioneer Plattons and we had to trim our beards. The beginning of the end……. It was only a few years later that they disbanded the pioneer platoons in our infantry battalions.

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