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Rifle Cleaning…Dubious.

You wouldn’t think this would go well…but it actually came out of there and went to shootin’. Long story, one maybe we’ll share someday. Thanks to the rifle-shootin’-est Texans we know, the crew at Legion Firearms, for letting us use their picture.

Note: we do not recommend or endorse this particular cleaning procedure, nor do we think many NCOs would be terribly appreciative of it were they to catch you trying it. That being said, if you do then send us a picture. Meantime, go check Legion out on Facebook. Remember in ‘Back to the Future’ when he said, “You built a time machine out of a Delorean?” It’s kind of like that, except they build high end burners that are at the top of the food chain when it comes to laying some hate on armed assailants, tawl-ee-bawn, goat-loving insurgents and hippies.

6 Responses to “Rifle Cleaning…Dubious.”

  1. Every weapon should brave the dreaded rinse cycle of doom!

  2. red2alpha73 says:

    I have shared a shower with my M-16A4 on one occasion. And, no, I wasn’t drinking. After three days of wind, sand, rain, and snow on an OP the weapon was so clogged with sand I figured a shower was the best way to begin the initial cleaning process. For both the weapon and myself.

  3. Tactical Fanboy says:


    I’ve been to a training class instructed by Jason Falla (I’m pretty sure it was Falla) who suggested the exact same thing.

  4. Jed Eckert says:

    Many times I’ve showered with my SAW, even used a few cans Barbasol to get her extra clean!! 2/2 E Co. arms room would never approve!! CLP only!!! HAHA!

  5. La Muerte says:

    Now that made me laugh, love it!!!

  6. killslowly says:

    This might be better than the dreaded solvent tank. I am so curious as to results, best soap to use (^_^).

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