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MilSim Airsoft Hotness

Edit: this is Christine Mendoza, of Impact Games. Thanks for letting us know!

5 Responses to “MilSim Airsoft Hotness”

  1. La Muerte says:

    Yeesh! No thanks!

  2. Impact Games says:

    Whoever made this with our photo of Christine Mendoza, Thanks ­čÖé

    Grant Woo
    Impact Games

  3. TFB2 says:

    We had that e-mailed to us. If that’s you guys and your picture, we’ll happily credit you!

  4. […] the MilSim hottie (hotty?) we ran earlier is apparently one of the Island Foxes of Hawaii. She and a mouth-watering array of other girls and […]

  5. killslowly says:

    Straight to the Fap folder.

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