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Patriotic Boobs: Knockers for the Troops

Reprinted with permission of Breach-Bang-Clear and the Mad Duo

Here’s something you don’t see every day (more’s the pity). There is a Facebook page with attendant website called Knockers for the Troops. We’ll post the link later because otherwise you won’t read our article, and we’re putting a lot of effort into this to risk being ignored.

It’s affiliated with the cartoon Power Point Ranger and, lest you think it’s just a large collection of boobs – and make no mistake it’s a large, superb collection of boobs – they sponsor a lot of military charity support by virtue of ad space and pimping pro-military organizations to their (not surprisingly substantial) we traffic.

Warning: this article will be discussing breasts. It will undoubtedly seem flippant but will hopefully not venture across the LOD into lewd. If you are easily offended or are a sissy crybaby that is going to complain we use the word boob and *gasp* show a picture of cleavage, feel free to stop reading now.

What we found interesting, other than the various wonderful sizes, shapes and colors of the subject matter, was the strong split in opinions from females. We figured there’d be a lot of catty responses, though nothing KftT posts is worse than PG13. There are forums of military spouses decrying it as soft porn and video responses complaining there aren’t similar website for female military personnel. The surprising thing is the number of women, including spouses and girlfriends, who do support the effort. Many of them are not only gracious enough to share their cleavage, they do battle with the naysayers openly and volubly, without concealing their faces and names. That’s pretty kewl.

For the opponents, we have the opinion you’d probably expect. If you’re worried about your significant other looking at PG rated cleavage shots on a good natured Facebook page, you have some relationship issues that are not going to be solved by pissing and moaning about it (especially if he’s deployed). If you’re going to whine that there isn’t a female-oriented counterpart site then create one. KftT was a private, “grass roots” bosom effort to begin with. No one is saying you can do the same thing.

In the end, we think the fuss is a little contrived and the support just to be expected. It’s easy to complain about something from here at home when you’re not subjected to the tyranny of the moment. If you’re freezing your ass off at COP Herrera watching guys from other places come in to get in a TIC so they can get their CABs and CIBs, looking at the pictures SOME GAVE ALL wall (which has quintupled in size over the last few months), you probably don’t give much of a shit that some overly sensitive dependent, officious marplot of a SNCO or an officer’s wife at the PX nail salon back in the states objects to you looking at cleavage on those few occasions the internet’s running good enough to upload a picture.

The rules give a pretty good idea of how tame these pages are:

·No nipples
·Nothing below the waist
·No ‘hand bras’
·No wet or see through T-shirts
·No pasties, real or computer generated
·No harassing ladies with creeper messages
·No celebs.
·No posting your e-mail
·No advertising your own page
·Must wear eyepro and safety belt at all times
·If you’re posting ex girlfriend pics you will be banned. First and ONLY warning

We give Knockers for the Troops a thumbs up, if only because the women there are doing something positive for the boys (and probably a handful of the girls). If you don’t like, it, don’t look at it. It isn’t much harder than changing the channel.

Besides,buxom boobaliciousness of this magnitude is just awesome. Get over it.

Join us over on Facebook to discuss…and remember, once we have enough people ask about it, we’ll tell you the tale of Naughty Nikki.

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  1. Grayson says:

    By golly, it’s time to put those Tactical Corsets to good use!
    Two tits up!


    I mean Two Thumbs Up! THUMBS UP!

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