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MW3…a Different Sort of Review

“I want to see MW4 come out with a battlefield that’s 85% civilian, with 50% of those supplying the enemy with ammo and warning them when you get close. Also, shooting any vehicle, damaging any building or killing any civilian erases all your saved games and makes you start from scratch. Lastly, your loading screens are newscasts from home about how meaningless the next mission is and you have superiors second-guessing your every bullet in the After Action summary. Oh, and remove the tac-knife completely. Now that would be a wargame.” Luke B.

Read more of the Mad Duo’s article about MW3’s multiplayer play on Under the Radar.

Also, if you haven’t seen it, check out the Mountain Dew MW3 commercial.

One Response to “MW3…a Different Sort of Review”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    Allow me to add a few suggestions. Mid game you receive an email from your wife telling you she is leaving you after she totaled your car, took your cat to the pound, sold your personally owned weapons, and cleaned out every bank account you ever had. Not that any of the above happened to me. Just a story I heard.

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