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Tactical Fanboy Gift Idea #7: RE Factor Loot

Yes, #7. Why 7? Because their swag is just cool as hell. RE Factor Tactical.RE Factor, if you ask (and you will) means Relative Effectiveness as it pertains to TNT (which has an RE of 1). Other explosives are measured from there (in simple terms; there’s actually more to it than that).

So, TNT is an RE of 1, Comp B (fun with frags) is a 1.35. Nitro is a 1.5 (unless it’s in a John Wayne movie, Semtex is 1.66 and Chuck Norris’ fist is estimated to be in the high 2s, if not over a 3.0. (The Mad Duo can hit a 2.1 if they’re getting down with a single dancing mom after a lot of singles have changed hands.) They have several designs that are mostly perfect for Christmas morning…mostly. Doubletap is nice, as is the BANG shirt. (Note: they dye the tan shirts so you can wear them with your duty uniform, if you’re in the Army, though there are other colors available). Hit them with a LIKE on Facebook and tell them you heard about ’em on TFB. Our favorite (particularly if scrawled across a large bosom) is the last one.

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