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A Slightly Different TFB Gift Idea…Zombie Gnomes?

It’s not that we’re unsure about the suitability of a zombie gnome as a gift. It’s a great idea. We’re just not sure if it’s appropriate to give one for Christmas or to wait a couple days and find a different excuse…though frankly we’re putting some up here locally and calling them dead elves (they’ll be under the tree). After New Year’s Eve we’ll put ’em outside where it’s a little safer for us. Anyway, apparently since Garden Gnomes are protectors of life, they are the first to fall victim to the zombiepocalypse pandemic. You can get information about them on the Zombie Gnome Facebook page, here, or e-mail doug@klonefx.com. Whichever way you go looking for one, remember two things: 1. Go for a head shot and remember they’re small, and moving. Speed is fine but accuracy is final.  2. Tell them Tactical Fanboy sent you, would you please?

The manufacturer says, When it comes to how long they will last outdoors, it depends on your climate and weather conditions. They are solid cast gypsum cement, hand painted and sealed with a matte clear UV coating. The bottoms are sealed with rubber to inhibit water absorption from the ground. If you want to reseal it, use clear polyurethane. Any sealant will wear out over time. It’s best to keep them dry and out of direct sunlight.

Say, on the subject of zombies…if you’re one of the head honchos from Zombie Squad and you read this, drop us a line. We need to have a serious chat before everything goes to hell in handbasket and the dead outnumber the living.

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  1. red2alpha73 says:

    Okay, Lawn of the Dead made me laugh.

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    A Slightly Different TFB Gift Idea…Zombie Gnomes? « Tactical Fanboy

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