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Rogue American Women

Remember reading about Rogue American Apparel? Their women’s line is now out, and not only are their shirts just as cool as the men’s line, the models are way hotter (and have more hair).  Rogue American t-shirts are hand distressed, so every one is unique, and each design has only 500 printed. RAA supports the Brothers in Arms Foundation with every sale, and frequently runs special designs that are completely devoted to helping fallen or injured Warriors (which is why you should like them on Facebook). To quote their website, “Our tees have the same cut and feel as Ed hardy, we just don’t let douchebags wear them.”

Of course, their girly stuff isn’t the only apparel. The men’s shirts are pretty sweet too. Forward this post to the people in your life who really ought to be spending money on you, it’ll make the decision making a lot simpler. RAA is a small, patriotic Texas company run by former military personnel. It’s as good as any a place to allocate some of your Christmas budget and actually better than most.

Don't mind hair that looks like it might uncoil and bite you: she's smokin', she has a rifle and she's wearing cool swag. The Rogue American Apparel Women's Line is out.

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