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Navy SEAL Instruction – Shooting From Concealment

Check out this video of former SEAL and owner of Trident Fitness Rich Graham as he demonstrates how to shoot from a position of concealment from the back of a truck bed. The targets he’s shooting at are three StrikeMark SM-1 Auto-Reset Target Systems.


Trident Fitness

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7 Responses to “Navy SEAL Instruction – Shooting From Concealment”

  1. killslowly says:

    Why oh why do they have to put that annoying music on most of these… I mean, from tribute slideshows, to instructional videos…. some cock rock band in the background distracting you from the lesson. I know I know, the stress and the fog of war and all, but please, less rock, more roll.

  2. KAA says:

    I’m sorry but I didn’t get anything out of that. He keeps talking about how he moves his legs but of course you can’t really see what he’s doing with them because the camera is either on his face or down range.

    So, you just peek of over the side of the bed and keep as low a profile as possible ? …

    Wow, why didn’t I think of that ?! : 0

    I’m sure Mr. Graham is a fine soldier. I just think he needs a better video editor

  3. YR says:

    I think he’s talking about getting into position while not “sweeping” your legs with your barrel, which is a big no-no in the teams. The second point I think he was trying to make was that you need to be mindful that what your sights see might not be what the barrel sees (ie, you’ll shoot your concealment if you’re close to something), which is why he was working side holds. Done properly, at speed, and under duress -its a lot harder to put it all together than it looks. Its a good drill to keep you moving, tactically safe, and uncomfortable so that you get better.

    I agree with you, he does need a better video editor…I’m working on it :-).

  4. killslowly says:

    True about being aware of where your barrel is. not a problem if you accidentally shoot through a non-armored truck, but a wall?

    And yes… don’t sweep your legs/feet. It is not a big no-no just for the teams, it’s a big no-no for all bipedal gunners 🙂 LOL

  5. Jeff says:

    Armchair LFers will always have their opinions. I just enjoyed the BCM porn.

  6. killslowly says:

    Man, I know what you mean Jeff. It is becoming very difficult to differentiate between the Tier One Tactical Fanboys and the Armchair Tactical Fanboys. Maybe the site owner should have like a test or something to see who is a real TFB and who’s just a poseur. Maybe an acronym test.

  7. YR says:

    Roger on nixing the background rock music…perhaps a little smooth jazz next time to really set the mood. Check.

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