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ODST: HELLJUMPER (Feet First Into Hell)

Yep. Under the Radar mentioned the new fan filmand from the look of it, it’s going to be pretty sweet (particularly for a fan-made film). The movie (hopeful pilot for an entire fan series) basically follows a rookie Orbital Drop

ODST: Helljumper fan movie

A scene from the Halo ODST Helljumper fan film, coming out in January.

Shock Trooper from before the Human-Covenant War to the Fall of Reach. If you want to help the film, you can donate money to the cause and earn rank depending on the amount: Grunt, Marine, ODST, Brute Chieftain, etc. Money donated will be used to help fund the film.

Check out the “movie poster”. It’s awesome.

From IndieGoGo.com and the Director/Producer of the upcoming Halo film:

Our Story

My name is Dan Wang. I’m a director and producer from a group of filmmakers called Method Pictures. I first started shooting films in late 2009 when I bought a DSLR that could shoot HD video. Since then I’ve done a couple local car commercials and recently two short films that have been moderately successful at film festivals. But since the start of my career, my goal has been to successfully make a Halo film.

Halo: Helljumper

Halo is a popular video game backed by a huge universe and tremendous storyline. It’s hard to tell even a faction of the story without having to read countless hours of Halopedia. That’s why I believe that the best way to tell the story in pieces, like a series. But every series needs a pilot, and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish with this project. With a little research, we’ve decided to base our film loosely on the short story, “Dirt” by Tobias Buckell.

With Halo: Helljumper, we want to take you through the life of an ODST that’s been lucky enough to see it all. Gage Yevgenny joins the UNSC before the Human-Covenant War and fights his way through 27 years before coming to a crossroads with his own conscience. In this time, he witnesses first hand, the cruelty of war, what it took from him as well as the war’s ability to create hope.

In this particular pilot film, Gage is at the end of his road, telling the story of his life and attempting to inspire hope to a young ODST, the Rookie. Throughout the film, Gage regrettably leaves his father on colony of Harvest, joins the UNSC and then eventually becomes an ODST. However, during his first year as an ODST, the Covenant declare war on the human race and the first planet that is hit, is Harvest. Homesick and desperate to reconcile his mistakes with his father, he volunteers with his squad to help evacuate civilians in hopes of finding him.

Read the rest of the story.

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