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12 Days of Tactical Christmas – Day #4 Take 2

We told you that it would pay to be observant! This afternoon’s prize is the Double Decker TACO from High Speed Gear Inc. Four of you will be receiving one of these bad boys.

The Double Decker TACO Magazine Pouch is a versatile mag pouch that will not only hold a wide variety of rifle magazines but also has room up from for a pistol magazine or similar sized objects such as flashlights or knives/multitools.

Don’t forget, today’s winners as well as every other winner, will receive a 2012 Tac Girls Calendar. (Just the calendar, not any of the girls)

To Enter
In the comment section of THIS post, here on Tacticalfanboy.com tell us your favorite rifle. In a few hours we’ll close the comments section and randomly select a winner. Don’t dilly dally. We could close comments at any time. And, remember to use a valid email address so we can inform you in case you win. One entry per email address per contest. You have to enter each one separately in order to win.

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113 Responses to “12 Days of Tactical Christmas – Day #4 Take 2”

  1. Matt says:

    Die hard fan of the M4. Can’t beat its versatility.

  2. Ben says:

    Colt LE6920, hands down

  3. Joe says:


  4. Jerret Park says:

    My favorite rifle is a Robinson arms xcr. Very versatile. Piston driven. The new stock for 2012 is great.

  5. Ekku says:

    RK-62. An AK-47 variant used by finnish military. Extremely reliable, powerful due to the 7,62×39 and manly as hell.

  6. Mojo says:

    SCAR was a dream to shoot..Surefire Muzzle break is amazing!

  7. Woogie Boogie says:

    Bushmaster M4A3 and and my Mossberg 702 .22lr plinkster.

  8. steve says:


  9. Chris says:

    You cant beat the Larue OBR by far its my favorite rifle.

  10. Andy says:

    Sig Sauer AR-15

  11. Josh Archer says:

    Definitely the bushmaster ACR in 6.8spc, I think it will eventually replace the our M4s.

  12. Fred says:

    With today’s industry, any weapon can compare to the versability of the SOPMOD M4. Therefore, any weapon with a good 6.8 spc wins my heart. Never tried it, but I wish!

  13. Steve says:

    On duty – M4
    For FUN – my Ruger 7mm mag bolt action

  14. Trango says:

    Hhhhhmmmm…..tacos….wait, what are we talking about again….

  15. Ange says:

    M1 Garand. Can’t love the PING.

  16. Manny says:

    Bravo Company AR15, any variant.

  17. Andy T says:

    LaRue OBR in 7.62

  18. Max says:

    Any good brand name AR is a good. Choice for me

  19. Slopes says:

    Daniel Defense AR-15

  20. David says:

    30-06 Winchester. Got my first boar with one when I was 13.

  21. John Roberts says:

    H&K 416

  22. Jimmy says:

    Knight’s Armament SR-15 E3

  23. Rodney says:

    My AR

  24. Jason Welin says:

    My favorite rifle is my Norinco M14. It’s been “national match’d” and shoots like a champ. Of course, my second favorite is its little brother, a Morc M14 that’s been cut down to 18″ with a PWS comp, a H&K style front sight, and a Vietnam era fiberglass stock from Fred’s.

  25. Steven says:

    My Bravo Company Mid-Length, best way to spend a tax return check!

  26. Jeremiah says:

    My favorite is my LaRue 16″ Stealth, with a Geissle trigger, I put together, of course I’m a bit biased because it’s mine.

  27. Per says:

    Gotta love the M4

  28. Josh says:

    Larue OBR 18″

  29. Brian says:

    My FN SCAR 16s that i use for range days and wild hog/coyote hunting.

  30. Dana says:

    My favorite rifle is a AT 15

  31. Bravo company middy!! 5.56.

  32. Rick B says:

    My AR10 (Armalite)…packs a punch!

  33. Dana says:

    Ugh! Spell check! My AR 15

  34. Derek says:


  35. AE says:

    LMT MRP.

  36. Dean says:

    My favorite rifle is the one I own and practice with which is a DPMS, AR15, 5.56 which I customized with a Geissele trigger, MagPul MIA Grip, Ambi Selector, BAD lever battery assist, Mil Spec receiver extension w/TI-7 Tactical Stock & Heavy Buffer, NC Star sniper scope, Bushnell Red Dot and quad rail system for all my additional toys to include multiple grips, bi pod etc.

  37. Zane says:

    JP-15. can’t beat the trigger on a JP rifle.

  38. Austin says:

    HK 416

  39. Matt S. says:

    m1. ping!

  40. Chris W says:

    I have a limited selection to choose from since I have had little exposure to the “cool guy” weapons so I am going with the classic AR15. Mine is a colt lower with a 10″ upper from Rock River.

  41. Mike K. says:

    My favorite rifle is my issued HK416D. Runs like a sewing machine.

  42. Nate Taylor says:

    M14/M1A. Beautiful rifle, great performance.

  43. orly? says:

    Any rifle that shoots straight, but I’ll say M14 as it was the first rifle I was trained in.

  44. Ephraim says:

    BCM 11.5″ SBR.

  45. Norbis says:

    My AR15 or Mk18, whatever is in my hands.

  46. James says:

    Weatherby Mark V…one of the best (and under-recognized) rifles you can buy!

  47. Clayton says:

    A Mid-length M-4. Oh the versatility of that rifle.

  48. Matt says:

    My favorite rifle is my BCM 14.5″ Light Weight Mid-length. I have it set up with a Surefire M600 Scout Light and an Aimpoint T-1 so the whole set up is really light weight.

  49. John B says:


  50. Carlo says:

    The Larue OBR in 16in .308. Short enough for CQB work, long enough for those long distance calls.

  51. erick says:

    Winchester Model 70 in .375H&H … Not so much for two legged things but great on cape buffalo

  52. Craig says:

    I’m an M4 guy.

  53. Eric S. says:

    First Choice: A Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time.

    Second Choice: M-4

  54. Ben Wentzel says:

    My “FrankenRifle” AR-15 of course! 🙂

  55. Tim Ellwood says:

    I like the M1A scout or a FAL if I have my choice

  56. Tucker says:

    I have a GA Precision 6.5×47 Lapua in a AI chassis w/a US optics SN3 that I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live without

  57. Jack Perritt says:

    LaRue Tactical 16″ PredatAR. Great, accurate gun. I use for long distance and entry

  58. Stef says:

    Galil all the way.

  59. Nathan says:

    My own built AR-15 customized and rattles taken out.

  60. Ryan says:

    The PGW Timberwolf. The tip of the suppressor has a maple leaf pressed on it.

  61. William says:

    My favorite is my 30-06 model 70 hasn’t ever let me down and got the most use out of it hunting

  62. CJ says:

    M4 overall, but my Swiss K31 is a hoot when you want something a little different.

  63. Thomas Hagan says:

    I like TACOs…. Especially with extra sauce..;)

  64. Joe Shipley says:

    Favorite owned: POF P415- – 14.5″ barrel w/ 11″ M.R.R.™ mine has the NP3 finish and MAGPUL furniture.
    Favorite Wishlist: DTA SRS in .338 Lapua (‘scuse me while I wipe up the drool)

  65. John Gilbert says:

    My AR15 I built with the help my Army college fund monies. Better than any textbook

  66. Jason cates says:

    My favorite rifle is the Accuracy International AW .308

  67. Jason Lee says:

    M1 Garand. I like the classics — hay, y’all asked my favorite, not the one I’d actually want to take into battle (that would be an AR-15).

  68. Andy says:

    The LMT MRP Rifle Length AR. just about perfect 🙂

  69. McMillan .300 Win. Mag.

  70. Nick says:

    Colt M4 there is only one

  71. tommy eversole says:

    would have to be a ruger 10/22 or just about any 22 rifle inexpensive to fire and you can have a boat load of fun with target shooting or just sharpening your accuracy with it.

  72. Lenda Greene says:

    M16A2. It’s a Jar Head Thing.

  73. Vic says:

    Springfield Armory Socom 16.

  74. Wulfi says:

    M4 is my go-to gun, both for work and pleasure!

  75. Mark says:

    Tiger 10-22 w/ cheap Walmart s ope

  76. Stu C. says:

    I would have to with a remington 700 LTR in .308, noymuch you cant do with it as long as you have some standoff and a good piece of glass


  78. Chuck Sadler says:

    It would have to be the Ruger 10 – 22

  79. JP says:

    My AKS74U (Krinkov) is my favorite rifle, at the moment. 5.45 poisen pills that are fired out of an 8″ Commie death dealer that is a hell of a lot of fun to shoot.

  80. EB says:

    My issued Rock River LAR-15. Runs like a champ and is topped with a ACOG TA01/JPoint combo.

  81. Lew says:

    G3-whore. It’s just so…German.

  82. Kmorris says:

    Mk18, hands down.

  83. Jamie B says:

    84mm Carl Gustav, it counts.

  84. David says:


  85. kenn c says:

    i love my 20″ AR…painted FDE with magpul furniture and a 13.8″ battlerail and a 3-9×40 leupold. very good all around gun

  86. BigC says:

    Larue Predartar…all day long.

  87. Myer says:

    Barrett M82 🙂

  88. Shane says:

    LaRue Tactical OBR 16″ chambered in 5.56

  89. Seeks says:

    Krebs KTR-O3S topped with Vortex Sparc. Great AK that can’t be beat!

  90. John says:

    FNC1A1 the Canadian version of the FAL. I miss it! The C7A2 just hasn’t won the same sort of place in my heart.

  91. Josh@Survivalcache says:

    AR-15. Stag Arms lower, Daniel Defence upper, Magpil hardware.

  92. David Hinson says:

    M40 A3

  93. Nick says:

    I love my AK. Rugged,simple… effective.

  94. Nard Dog says:


  95. matt says:

    M4 all the way

  96. Matt says:

    SBR’ M4 style rifle. 10.5 with Suppressor.

  97. Corey says:

    My favorite rifle is an AR15/M16, unless the M249 LMG counts. Also have a soft spot for an H&K MP5.

  98. Forrest says:

    Larue OBR because it is the AR pattern rifle with the best manufacturing and quality of any.

  99. Craig says:

    At the moment my favorite rifle is my heavily modified Savage bolt gun in .308, Hart barrel, McM stock, USO scope. However I’m in the process of building a 16″ AR carbine that I think is going to be my new favorite once it gets done, BCM upper with VTAC 13″ rail, Magpul furniture, Geissele SSA, BAD-A.S.S. ambi, Surefire brake. Mega lower.

  100. ipkiss says:

    FN2000, jusy because it’s sexy.

  101. Steven W says:

    Anything on an AR15 platform, or a .243 hunting rifle.

  102. Mark Graves says:

    what ever is handed when needed, but i prefer my colt m4.

  103. Greg says:

    My Romanian AK 47

  104. Dalton says:

    m4 cqbr/mk18 mod 1

  105. Peter says:

    Noveske N4.

  106. Kim says:

    My Rock River AR. We have bonded.

  107. Neil says:

    I really hope that the guys over at the newly reformed Charles Daly can bring over the Tavor TAR-21, I could see that replacing my AR-15…

  108. Kevin says:

    I prefer my BCM mid-length gas, 16″ barreled AR until I (hopefully) move into the world of SBRs this year…

  109. Tactical Fanboy says:

    That’s all for now folks. Thanks for entering!