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How Not To Throw A Hand Grenade

Title says it all. According to the video source this is a Chinese Army exercise, which in all honestly doesn’t surprise me that much. To the instructor’s credit, he was pretty calm about the whole thing.

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5 Responses to “How Not To Throw A Hand Grenade”

  1. Nick Pacific says:

    It’s not his first rodeo.

  2. John M. Denny says:

    I saw a similar incident during basic, but I don’t remember the Drill Sgt being quite so calm.

  3. Brian nH says:

    The Instructor was very quick off the mark to get the cadet dragged into the right side of the ditch, as in the side WITHOUT the grenade!

  4. Grayson says:


    Anybody know how to pronounce the phrase, ‘Short Bus Door Gunner’ in Cantonese?

  5. Grayson says:

    All things considered, this is a good lesson learned. But….

    I still say that the Norwegian flash-bang failure was a LOT funnier.

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