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Monster Rehab Rojo Tea + Energy

I finally managed to track down a can of Monster Rehab Rojo Tea, and found it to be quite refreshing. The primary ingredients are rooibos tea and cranberry (other ingredients include black and green tea, coconut water, gogi berry, acai berry, and mangosteen fruit), with a taste very similar to Boston iced tea. It has a lighter sweetness than the Green Tea + Energy, and very little tartness despite the cranberry. Again, you’re looking at 10 calories per serving [about 2 servings per 15.5 oz can], but with 3g of carbs per serving instead of the 4g previous Rehabs offer. Like the rest of the Rehab brand, the drink lacks carbonation and the “Rehab Energy Blend” which gives a pleasant, long-lasting buzz without a major crash. Yet another winner from those energy drink geniuses at Monster.

Now, if I could only find the [dreaded] ProTEAn + Energy flavor…

Monster.com – Rehab


3 Responses to “Monster Rehab Rojo Tea + Energy”

  1. Will says:

    Try mixing ice tea and green monster, its my favourite thing to mix monster with apart from jager…….

  2. jack burnell says:

    i bet it tasted lovely were did u get it from & how much is it if u would just let me know thanx

  3. Tiggy Morris says:

    I bought mine at Barnes & Noble and Wawa in Philadelphia area.

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