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Holographic Hybrid Sights Offered by EOTech

You know the EOtech sights you’re using in MW3? (They’re the “Holographic Hybrid Sights, or HHS kits.) You can, of course, get them in real life, and you can get extended range from their G33 magnifier. The HHS with G33 will, according to EOTech, allow accurate shooting from 0 to 500 meters, using the G33 “Quick Switch to Side” magnifier mount.

There are two kinds of kits. One (the HHS1) is for use with nightvision (EXPS3-4 HWS) and has a 4 dot reticle for shooting 0-300, 400, 500 and 600m. The other one (HHS2) has a non NVG compatible sight with 2 dot reticle for CQB “fast action” targeting.

Both come with a quick detach base that’s designed to return the optic to zero after mounting it back to the same rail location (to within 2 MOA). Both have operating buttons on the side, so you can use it with other rail mounted furniture.

They’ll be available this Spring and will run $1,000 to $1,225.  You can check out more on the EOTech website.

EOTech and magnifier

EOTech and magnifier

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