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Practical Testing: MilSim Eye Safety

Here are a couple pretty good videos on goggles, facemasks and eye safety for you MilSim shooters out there. Wearing eye-pro should be a no-brainer along the lines of “don’t get drunk and stick try to have sex with the garbage disposal while it’s on, or ever“, but we still see knuckleheads pushing their goggles up, removing their glasses or otherwise imperiling their vision. While this would seem to be a Darwinian situation that is self-correcting, people make mistakes, and we’d hate to see someone lose part or all of their vision to a simple screw-up or a moment of absent-mindedness. (TFB Knuckledragger, one of our other writers, tells us he met an AF Security Forces guy on Masirah Island right after 9/11 who was unable to pursue his dream of trying for the CCTs because he’d screwed up and taken a paintball to the eye. This isn’t to say his career in the AF wasn’t honorable or worthy of respect, but it wasn’t the dream he might very well have realized if not for one moment of lapsed judgment.)

Anyway, check it out. Do it safe.



One Response to “Practical Testing: MilSim Eye Safety”

  1. John M. Denny says:

    Hell, since one of my pilots ended his career with a hook to the eye while fly fishing, I wear ballistic eyewear to the bathroom!

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