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CES 2012 – CTA Digital Inc. – U.S. Army Licensed Products

CTA Digital Inc. has released a line of officially licensed U.S. Army video game peripherals. Seen above is the Elite Force Assault Rifle (US-EFR). Modeled after an M4 Carbine with an EOTech holographic sight (“modeled after actual military equipment”), the Elite Force controller has every button featured on a standard DualShock 3, including the rumble effect, and connects to the PS3 using Bluetooth. The ‘barrel’ can also be removed from the Elite Force and replaced with a Move controller, turning it into a navigation controller. The controller is powered by two (2) AA batteries. Available in digital camouflage and in Olive Drab with green-grey furniture as the ‘Commando Assault Rifle’ (not pictured).

Also available is the U.S. Army Universal Gaming Headset With 3D Effect (US-UGH). The Universal Gaming Headset connects to a monitor or sound system via RCA stereo jacks (red and white cables) and directly to your console or PC via USB. This allows you to independently adjust in-game and chat volume using the in-line controller. A ‘3D Sound’ button takes advantage of the triple drivers in each ear cup to deliver realistic sound based on volume and location in-game. Other features include a 14ft cable, removable microphone, and padded ear cups.


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9 Responses to “CES 2012 – CTA Digital Inc. – U.S. Army Licensed Products”

  1. ark says:

    Good thing they installed the Eotech the right way. I would hate for someone to get that right. It reminds me of the popular mechanics magazine with the HK416.

  2. Ben says:

    Is that Eotech backwards? Mine has the battery compartment in FRONT

  3. Trango says:

    HA! Ben is right! Good eye! The knobs put the damn thing on backwards, and it’s even pictured, correctly, on the box!

  4. red2alpha73 says:

    Well, the Marines have their own line of airsoft weapons, why shouldn’t the Army follow suit.

  5. Josh says:

    Guys, I think that’s what “ark” was saying, it’s backwards

  6. kenny c says:

    actually this is a PlayStation controller/move gun not an airsoft gun

  7. Clayton says:

    Where is the love for the XBOX 360 crowd?

  8. mike says:

    how much does it cost and where can it be purchased?

  9. bid ninja says:

    Thank you for keeping us updated. I very enjoy it and discover all the info quite useful.

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