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Veronica Belmont On Skyrim

Why she says it’s better than Portal 2. We love Veronica Belmont, and we agree with her.

Here’s an excerpt:

1. Yeah, I loved Portal 2. The first time I played it. When it was called PORTAL.

2. Oh, you like your little puzzles, do you? I like slaying dragons using massive fireballs and wielding blades imbued with ice and FEAR. Also, you think running around variations on the same room over and over is exciting, Kiala?? I think your brain was in stasis too long.

I am about to stab you in the head

3. If you’re bored walking through the (scenic and gloriously rendered) mountains, let me introduce you to a friend of mine: Skyrim Murder Bear. He’s been looking forward to meeting you.

Read the whole article.

Veronica Belmont: So Lifelike!

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2 Responses to “Veronica Belmont On Skyrim”

  1. mike says:

    Too bad they dumbed-down the system and play so much. It’s retardedly easy to play now and too blunt to be fun the way past Elder Scrolls games have been. There’s a reason my college cafeteria is filled with Juggalos screaming FUSRODAH and repeating things they heard on /b/… Elder Scrolls jumped the shark, and landed on the shortbus tier.

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