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Steel Flame on rails

Yesterday Tactical Fanboy’s TANSTAAFL ran an article about what looked like a rail-mounted skull, something we picked up from keeping an eye on those Hos at Spartan Imports. I did some checking and that comes from Steel Flame. The website is www.steelflame.com. The guy behind that site is a master jeweler namedĀ Derrick Obatake who does some really cool work (you’ve seen some of his stuff in movies like the Expendables). Actually, calling it cool is a bit of an understatement. Bad ass might be a better word for it. Check him out on Facebook too.

Tactical Fanboy: Steel Flame Custom Darkness Clips on Emerson Karambits.

Tactical Fanboy: Virtus Dagger medallion on the set of Expendables 2

Tactical Fanboy: Another Virtus Dagger medallion on the set of Expendables 2.

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  1. I would suggest looking in your area for a custom knife maker, even one who is just a hobbyist. I’m putting a handle on a meat cleaver for a customer right now. I know exactly what you are talking about the handles being square, many manufacturers don’t use there own product so they don’t know there defects. I always handle and use my knives so they fit the customers hand. Ask around, you will find someone. Just be aware, if you change the handle it will no longer be dishwasher safe.

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