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US PALM does feminine protection

This load-bearing kit redefines feminine protection.


Thanks to US PALM for sharing this on their Facebook page and feel free to go LIKE ’em. Then tell ’em Tactical Fanboy sent you.

Hat tip to the Mad Duo for letting us know.

2 Responses to “US PALM does feminine protection”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    Thank you for the laugh! I needed that today.

  2. Grayson says:

    Shocking. Outrageous. Reprehensible. And other appropriate synonyms.

    Here I thought you were a modern, sensible, sensitive New Age type guy, Fanboy! 🙂

    Loads of loops for the tampons, and NOBODY thought to add some appropriate pouches for the pads?
    What is the world of feminine protection coming to, dadgum it?

    P.S. Are there any pictures of the Starbucks barista’s face when this lady and her load bearing rig went in? :{}

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