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StrikeMark GoPro Glock Mount

StrikeMark has introduced a Glock mount to their line of GoPro mounting products. Designed to fit all Glock models, it’s made from 6061-T6 Aluminum with a powder coated matte-black finish and comes with a nylon-tipped set screw and a 3/32 hex key for easy installation.

You can order it directly from StrikeMark.

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4 Responses to “StrikeMark GoPro Glock Mount”

  1. Dennis Wenger says:

    I don’t know how this will work with a set screw.

    I bought a pair of set screw based aimpoint lasers and they hopped off of my Springfirld XD’s, after each shot until I tightened them so far that the frame bend wouldn’t allow the weapon to cycle.

    It WOULD be cool to see if it worked or not.

  2. Yanne Root says:

    This is Yanne with Strikemark, makers of this mount. The Glock has a horizontal notch in which the set screw fits into nicely and without the need of excess pressure. We wouldn’t sell it if it didn’t work.

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  4. Mike says:

    I’m with Yanne. I’ve seen a bunch of the products coming out of Strikemark (I have the Contour mount on my AR) and they just plain don’t make junk. Moreover I haven’t seen anything from them that isn’t phenomenally made!

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