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He loves his ho…

On a highway in SW Oklahoma, between Ft. Sill and Altus AFB, there occasionally roams a pickup truck that once said I Love My Horse on the window. It doesn’t anymore, which makes the current message must more entertaining.

This also has nothing to do with Kony.

3 Responses to “He loves his ho…”

  1. Pvt. Sabala says:

    Gotta love us okie’s and our ho’s

  2. Manny says:

    If it said I Love my Horse, then it must have been a ripoff of the I Love my Honda stickers because people usually put those on their Hondas and that truck is obviously not a Honda. That or he bought the Honda one and purposely took of the “nda” at the end. Either way, pretty damn funny.

  3. red2alpha73 says:

    Forget the sticker! Who stole that mans face!

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