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Legion Firearms bringing Dark Angel to Texas

Legion Firearms is hosting Kerry Davis and his Sig Sauer Academy “Bullets & Bandages” course towards the end of March. There are a few slots remaining in the course, and Legion is offering a free billet in the class to the first person who enrolls three people in the course (class cost is normally $500 per billet) as well as a free Direct Action Response Kit (D.A.R.K.) in coyote tan. (Kit Up recently ran a brief overview of the D.A.R.K. if you’re interested.)

Contact Legion at info@legionfirearms.com regarding your entries and their names to take advantage of the contest offer.

Kerry Davis, the progenitor of the D.A.R.K. and the chief Bullets and Bandages instructor has 21 years in trauma medicine and is a seasoned firearms instructor. He started out in the Air Force, was assigned to a specialty medic unit that worked with the 82ND ABN, went on to become a civilian paramedic and then to nursing school. He’s been a trauma/ER for approximately the last decade (tonight he talked to Soldier Systems Daily after a 14 hour day at the ER).

Regarding his background, he says, “I wasn’t an 18D or a PJ, never claimed I was, but the medical community is pretty small and a lot of really good guys shared their secrets with me, but I believe in this and I want to save lives…the mix of medical training with firearms training is not done the way it should be…”

He’s now bringing TCCC principles and “combat medicine” into military and LE tactical training. “Doesn’t matter where you are,

D.A.R.K. on a tactical officer before rolling out.

Fallujah or LA, a 2-way shootin’ range is a 2-way shootin’ range,” Kerry says. “This is important stuff, I’m teaching stuff to people that might keep them alive.

Dark Angel, through which Kerry and his wife (also a long-time trauma medical professional) distribute the D.A.R.K., is literally a mom and pop operation. They build the kits and mail them out from their home at night after they’re done with work.

If you want more info on the course, you can find it here. Dark Angel’s website is here.

Some more images of the Dark Angel D.A.R.K., courtesy of the Costa Facebook page:





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