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Plague Town: Getting the zombies right

Dana Fredsti has written a zombiepocalypse novel. She wanted to get it right.

Tactical Fanboy: Check out "Plague Town" on Under the Radar

“..So I enlisted (pun intended) expert help.  Rather than try and explain the type of things I asked, here’s a good example of an actual question sent to Staff Sergeant Phillip McSorley (who also read several scenes for me to check for accuracy and realism): Oh Military Expert Person! I am writing a scene where a group of soldiers are going to a mountain rest stop to clean it (zombies, doncha know). It’s from the perspective of one guy, a lieutenant, and I have no idea of what tactics they’d use… who goes in first, do they really say things like “Charlie Tango Donut, over!” … Do they send in pairs? I’m thinking this is a small group (would there be a specific number?) and again, while it’s military, they don’t have to be specifically army or marine or air force as their specific job is taking care of zombie outbreaks. And yes, I realize this sounds totally lame… but I swear the book isn’t!”

If you like zombies and you like Army of Darkness chances are you’re going to like Plague Town.

Read the entire article on Under the Radar.

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  1. Shawn says:

    Preordered on kindle.

    Thank you

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