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Zombie-fightin’ with NODs.

When you’re talking true nightvision vs. thermal, which is more effective vs. zombies? Will walking corpses maintain heat signature substantially different than their surroundings, and if so will it be sufficient to identify them in a fight? These are the questions that keep me up late at night…that and wondering where Carl is.  This video is US Night Vision Gen III Night Vision & Thermal Imaging Video Shot In HD On iPhone 4S. PVS-14 / PVS-7 Camera Systems. Follow ’em on Facebook.

Oh, and yes, I am using an old term. When I was a boot, any sort of night vision/thermal device was referred to as a NOD (Night Optical Device).

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3 Responses to “Zombie-fightin’ with NODs.”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    If one were motivated enough the ‘where is Carl’ theme could be made into a book for children dealing with the importance of doing whatyou are told to do by your parents and the possible consequences of not.

    Where is Carl? In the house? Is Carl in the tent? Playing in the barn, maybe? No. Carl is down by the creek with Daryl’s stolen gun throwing rocks at a walker! Oh no! The walker is loose and later eviscerates Dale. Bad Carl. If you had only done what your parents had told you Dale would still be alive. Kids, don’t be responsible for your friends painful last moments. Obey your parent’s.

    I gotta go make a book.

  2. Five Bucks says:

    We still usually refer to them as NODS, though thermals sometimes get special treatment with being referred to as such.

  3. Craig says:

    Just get a Dual Sensor Night Vision Goggle (DSNVG) from ITT, best of both worlds, thermal and IRR images overlaid on each other, granted the $16,000 price tag is a bit steep and sales are restricted to LEO and Mil only, but I’d imagine it’ll allow you to sleep better at night.

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