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Real gunfighters can feel the wind on their knees: 5.11’s Tactical Duty Kilt

You know why bagpipers march back and forth while they play? To get away from the music! So, here’s the new 5.11 Tactical “Tactical Kilt.” Endorsed by Kyle Lamb and Scruffy Wallace of the Drop Kick Murphys. There can be only one!

As Soldier Systems said, well played 5.11, well played…


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6 Responses to “Real gunfighters can feel the wind on their knees: 5.11’s Tactical Duty Kilt”

  1. red2alpha73 says:

    Forget the kilt. That dude has some sizzling euro moves!

  2. Red Griffith says:


  3. Grayson says:

    In my humble opinion, the joke is on the boys over at 5.11.

    Because, if they could market a good quality, useful kilt, for less than $140.00, they would give the people at Utilikilts some serious competition.

    I own a Utilikilt – love it; wouldn’t part with it for love nor money – but it cost me well over 200 FREAKING DOLLARS!

    Message to 5.11: sorry guys, but I’m not exactly laughing…. you have missed an opportunity to put some cash in your pockets, this time around. 🙁

  4. B Campbell says:

    I so wish this were real… Love to have one… Why you gotta be teasing me like that?

  5. […] sure plenty of you remember 5.11′s April Fool’s Day joke, the Tactical Duty Kilt. I’m sure you also remember that the response was so positive that they were going to do an […]

  6. R. K. says:

    It is true, 5.11 is doing a limited run of the tactical duty kilt. As a 5.11 dealer we have been offered these as staff, although I at fifty plus years old personally see no reason nor oportunity to wear one some of the younger guys at work do and have pre-ordered as we speak…

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