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Nom nom nom…Gratuitous hot girl with gun

Tactical Fanboy: Gratuitous hot girl with gun.


7 Responses to “Nom nom nom…Gratuitous hot girl with gun”

  1. SKTFM says:

    ” Maam, please don’t drop that.”

  2. todd snelbaker says:

    i for once am completely speechless…

  3. John M. Denny says:

    Cocked & Locked

  4. RC says:


  5. Grayson says:

    “Hello, Sweetheart!”
    Would you like some candy? No? How about a nice gun belt? With a really nice holster, hmmm?”

    (Okay. I confess. I have fantasies that make weird people look at me with stunned shock on their faces.)

    Call it a character flaw, if you wish. Some people say that sex is for making babies.
    I say sex is for making great jokes.

    But this girl is hotter than a hot M-134 minigun on a hotly contested Kandahar landing zone in the middle of August.
    Thank you, Fanboy.

  6. DV says:

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who is a touch uncomfortable about where and how that gun is sitting… Not to mention it’s cocked and locked…

    Oh, and nice tits too.

  7. waaooow…… HOT…

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