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Terms of Enrampagement

Righteous Duke Designs, the rhino-ridingest, hippie-shootingest, bronc-bustingest, Kill Cliff-drinkingest coffee addictedest artist anywhere within twenty miles of his house in Texas, has a new shirt out. It’s  a reference to the show Archer, from the episode Placebo Effect from Season 2. That’s the one where Archer finds out his cancer drugs are sugar and Zima, switched by the Irish Mob, and goes on a rampage. He films it, calling the film Terms of Enrampagement, though admittedly that’s a working title only.

He does not, that I know of, actually ride rhinos. But he did wink at Deja Thoris once, and not from that lame-assed movie either.

Preorder yours here.


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