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Bulletproof iPhone 4 Case

Japanese company Marudai has created what is possibly the most awesome yet impractical iPhone 4 cases ever. It’s awesome because it can stop a .50 caliber bullet. It’s impractical because, well, it can stop a .50 caliber bullet. Specifically, in order to stop such a round the case features a backplate made from one inch of steel armor, weights 4.6 pounds, and has a hole drilled into it so the onboard camera is even usable. Additionally, only the back of the case is armored, and the phone requires a second case (which comes included) so it doesn’t get damaged while nestled inside its protective shell. When you factor in the almost $650 US (52,500 yen) pricetag, you’re looking at a novelty paperweight at best.

Hat Tip: Geekosystem

marudai-corp.com – iPhone Case

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7 Responses to “Bulletproof iPhone 4 Case”

  1. Ben Branam says:

    I’ve seen this all over the net. Is someone going to test it?

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