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Tactical Fanboy Whiskey-5 Over on Soldier Systems

Who Tactical Fanboy. The Lighter Side of Tactical. An unabashed Look at Tacticool.
It’s a part of the SolSys Group serving much the same readership as Soldier Systems Daily—though more during non-duty hours. Tactical Fanboy is written by a cadre of writers and gamers, including current and former military personnel, battle-hardened FPS game veterans and at least one homeless guy in an alley behind an internet cafe. The team is commanded by the ineffable Tactical Fanboy himself, spawn of the Editor at Soldier Systems Daily.

The elite (pronounced eeee-light) fighting blogger team at Tactical Fanboy writes about a wide array of things. From weapon and gear news to life skills, movie reviews and television previews, first person shooter game updates to op-ed pieces on everything that our demographic enjoys. To wit, guns, boobs, gear and intel…

Read the rest of the Whiskey-5 on Soldier Systems Daily.

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