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Big Dub Orders Dueling Pistols

Big Dub is rumored to have special ordered a set of dueling pistols for his personal use and that of the occasional shaved gorilla running amok. That’s the rumor, anyway…it may just be a base canard perpetrated about him by the Mad Duo.

Whatever the truth, I want one of these.

For more about Big Dub, follow the Tactical Tailor Facebook page, with which he is somehow involved.

Big Dub signing autographs recently.

10 Responses to “Big Dub Orders Dueling Pistols”

  1. Kharon Anon says:

    As BAD-ASS(!) as those are, the image appears suspiciously like a digital rendering.

  2. Those guns would be small in G.W.’s hands!

  3. Kate says:

    Where do I get a barrel and handle like those???

  4. SCOTT says:


  5. marcio cesar says:

    sou do brasil quanto custas a pistola que tem o lança granada

  6. Robert Donaldson says:

    Gentlemen you will take twenty steps turn and fire . If both of you are still standing and satisfaction has not been satisfied you will take five step toward each other halt and at the ready fire again .

  7. Robert Donaldson says:

    Love to have a set also

  8. Adam Wilson says:

    Where can you get one and how much do they cost together?

  9. Alok Aron says:

    dear sir, please send me details.

  10. John says:

    Is this or similar available for purchase?

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