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Experimental Bullpup Rifles

This is an image collection of experimental bullpup prototype rifles seemingly based on the AK design or at least chambered for the same 7.62×39 cartridge. At least one of the rifles, the TKB-022, actually existed. It was designed by G.A. Korobov of Tula Design Bureau, itself an arms-designing organization associated with Tula Arms Factory, and never went into full production due to its radical design; Soviet officers preferred the familiarity and reliability of the already proven AK-47 and its variants. Interestingly enough, the TKB-022 has the best barrel length to overall length ratio of most military rifles ever built, and at one point was chambered for an experimental 5.6×39 cartridge that later evolved into the current 5.45×39.

Modern Firearms – TKB-022


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  1. Kharon Anon says:

    I kinda like the magazine-as-handle/grip idea.

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