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Laser Cut Dollar Snubnosed .38 Revolver

This is part of a collection of laser cut sculptures made from US currency by Brooklyn-based artist Scott Campbell. Although the rest of the collection seems to be missing any additional firearms-based imagery, there’s plenty of kick-ass skulls, bones, and reapers that more than make up for it.


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  1. Zouhir says:

    Yeah, ditto, excellent inertview. I especially agree with the bit about companies who use open source have a responsibility to contribute back to the community. I’d just add that contributing back in not simply an excercise in altruism. In the end, I think you end up with better developers in your company because they are exposed to different ideas and knowledge from the open source world. Without this exposure I think teams tend to get a bit calcified, recycling the same ways of thinking about things over and over which in the end, limits their ability to innovate.

  2. That’s a crackerjack answer to an interesting question

  3. Hi Liz,My Thanksgiving list includes the following:Two Little Turkeys by Kathy Lowe (finger play that I expanded with guiros for upper grades)A Turkey Ran Away (learned from PIO, submitted by Sandy Byer) (movement song about Thanksgiving Dinner running away)As I Came Over Yonder Hill (folk song adapted by me) (song about wild turkeys)Hey Yunga (folk song adapted by me) (an absolute favorite with all ages……how we are all inter-connected)

  4. My big explosive FB interchange was with the nephew of a friend. He got so out of control that she had to defriend him!I’ve been scouring catalogs looking for gifts. Only trouble is that I always find stuff that I’d like! Time for

  5. e’ da vedere la situazione neve che a oggi rende inagible tutto qua…ha nevicato anche a trieste tantissimo ierie poi se io riesco a prender ferie sabatoma qualcosa di buono si combina !se vieni venerdì..finiamo la bambina in negozio per usarla sabato !alla festa non ci sara’ gente triste..promesso

  6. Klar – da finden Sie dann eher etwas ältere Bücher, denn aktuelle Forschung findet idR in Fachartikeln statt – aber für Grundlagenfotschung ist das ja ganz gut geeignet.

  7. brevetti sono stati considerati abbandonati (ritirati) dall'ufficio per una ragione molto banale: non sono state pagate le tasse! Quindi non sono mai stati concessi (e non lo potrammo mai essere a questo punto).Come qualcuno ha suggerito, anche a me sembra che tutta questa storia sia una specie di messa in scena mediatica…

  8. http://www./ says:

    OMG – where has the time gone. Kiddie Korner and Johnson school come to mind. What lovely pictures – congratulations! Cheryl (your Mom’s Friend)

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