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Paper Shooters On Indiegogo


Paper Blasters are a project currently on Indiegogo for high-quality, durable cardboard models of AR-15s that fire prepared paper wads up to 75ft via a spring-loaded action. The basic kit includes: skeleton with all internal mechanics, layer one camo skin, layer two camo skin, 8 gold shells with 50 pieces of pre-made ammo, mold to make additional ammo, and a zombie head target. The camos shown are Digital Ops, Golden Touch, and Zombie Slayer.



2 Responses to “Paper Shooters On Indiegogo”

  1. We thought you might be interested in PaperShooters.com.

    You can see their latest press release at http://tinypic.com/r/2vs26c8/8

    Contact – Hello@Papershooters.com
    + 44 (0) 161 818 4501

  2. Papershooters says:

    Build your own blaster that fires ammo made from ordinary paper.
    Get it on Kickstarter now!

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