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NERF Rebelle Line

The NERF Rebelle line is a series that consists of rebranded blasters and accessories to better appeal to young girls. The line features products colored with light pinks, purples, and whites and darts with light colors and special designs. I have no problem whatsoever with young girls playing with NERF blasters (they can be a lot of fun), but do girls already playing with blasters even care about the branding? And does Hasbro expect to draw in girls that don’t play with blasters because these happen to look ‘pretty’? Maybe I’m wrong and they’ll be a big hit, but it just sees kinda silly to me.



7 Responses to “NERF Rebelle Line”

  1. Animal says:

    I Have written extensively on this line actually. The answer is simply no, girls already playing with Nerf Blasters don’t care at all. This line is aimed at those NOT playing with them.


  2. Aaron says:

    Just a point of data. My daughter took one look at the line and said “daddy, can I get one?” When we went to the store to look for them, we had trouble finding them, and she was disappointed. She picked out one of the n-strike, but she really didn’t like the blue color scheme (neither did I frankly). I told her we’d find a way to paint it.

    At checkout, we asked about the Rebelle line, and they said “oh, yeah, they’re in the girl section in back*”. The segregation put me off a little, but we found them and — biggest grin ever. She said the zebra striped one was ugly, but LOVED the purple on the Crush Blaster.

    On the one had, it really shouldn’t matter what color it is. On the other — the conventional nerf line is marketed *exclusively* toward boys, with little variety in aesthetics until pretty recently. This new line worked great for my daughter, and I look forward to even more variety in the future!

  3. Yenifef says:

    Excellent point on the Hydro Cannon. The only gun in the lineup (though do they still make it?) that could altaulcy benefit from a backpack, doesn’t get the compatibility. For all the rest, the 1L drum offers more than enough water. Who needs 3 liters when the nozzles are almost as small as a pinhead?

  4. Thanks for that! It’s just the answer I needed.

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