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V2 EBR Trigger Shoe

V2 EBR Trigger Shoe

The X-Treme Shooting V2 EBR Trigger Shoe is designed specifically for the pistol gripped SAGE EBR M14 chassis, although it also works well with chassis from TROY, McMillan, LAW483, CM, Blackfeather, Archangel, JAE, Vltor, M14E2, etc. It was created because the standard M14 trigger isn’t designed to work well with a pistol grip, given the upward direction of pull. It widens and lengthens the stock M14 trigger, giving the trigger a more rearward pull and preventing the tip of the trigger from stabbing the finger tip. Made from 100% steel.



9 Responses to “V2 EBR Trigger Shoe”

  1. Ken Williams says:

    Intrested in a Trigger Shoe for a Sage EBR Stock for a M1A Rifle. What is the cost of a shoe with shipping? Thanks Ken

  2. Ken Williams says:

    Got the Trigger Shoe and it sure is a + to have, it actually improves your trigger pull on the M1A rifle.

  3. Wayland says:


    Would like to get info on the V2 EBR trigger shoe to buy one?

    Thank you

  4. Wayland says:


    Information on V2 EBR trigger shoe to buy one?

    Thank you

  5. H2O MAN says:

    These are listed on GunBroker, Ebay and http://www.athenswater.com/EBR_KIT.html

  6. H2O MAN says:

    The official back story on the V2 steel EBR shoe.

    Mike Peterson (TACOM-RI) met Tom Meyers (X-TremeShooting) at Camp Perry in 2010. Tom’s business is custom CNC machine work, the manufacture of precision triggers and receivers… “talk naturally turned to the issues we were having with pull angle on the SAGE EBR stocks equipped with pistol grips”.

    Mike: “I gave Tom an M14 trigger group to experiment with and see what he could come up with. He produced the prototypes in aluminum which worked well except they were a little too flexible for our needs… I got Dave Armstrong from NSWC Crane interested as he had been experimenting with commercial trigger shoes for the MK14 Mod 2 project”.

    Mike: “We at TACOM-RI were pretty much up to our ears in trying to complete the SAGE stocks, add accessories and complete the provisioning process to get repair parts into the system as well as finish up the production of the 6200 M14EBR-RIs, so the trigger shoe project kind of languished”.

    Mike and Dave told me (H2O) about Tom and the trigger shoe project when we met in Las Vegas, NV. at SHOT SHOW 2011, they both suggested that I contact Tom – I did and the rest is history.


  7. H2O MAN says:

    The new trigger shoes are in stock – Now shipping!

  8. H2O MAN says:

    Once you try one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.

  9. H2O MAN says:

    New web address for those looking for the new and improved Gen II USGI M1 EBR tripper shoe http://www.m14ebr.us/

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