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Women’s Day – Outer Space Station


Back in the late 70s, Women’s Day magazine ran an article detailing a DIY space station playset that was perfect for the initial run of Kenner Star Wars action figures. An article the Star Wars Collectors Archive website not only details the history of the playset, but also includes instructions, should you have the desire to build a set for yourself.



2 Responses to “Women’s Day – Outer Space Station”

  1. Ts1Spoc says:

    Holy Crap! I remember when my Mom got that issue and I wanted my Step Dad to build that for me and my little brothers. We actually made the bubble lift out of the old 2 liter bottles that had the black plastic bases on them. . My youngest brother is gone now and I remember playing Star Wars with him. Thanks for the memories

  2. young child says:

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