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Cold Steel – Gunstock And Indian War Clubs

Cold Steel has their own versions of two traditional Native American melee weapons: the Gunstock and Indian War Clubs. Both weapons are made from injection molded Polypropylene with realistic wood grain finishes.

Gunstock War Club

The Gunstock War Club is 29.5″ in length with a 1.5″ thickness and a weight of 35.4 oz. It features a ridged centerline, a “Fawn’s Foot” handle, and short steel lance point.


Indian War Club

The Indian War Club is 24″ in length with a 25-30mm (tapered) thickness and a weight of 37.8 oz. The length of the ball is 90mm, with a diameter of 3.25″. The ball is fitted with a removable, blunt, short steel spike.



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