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Cold Steel – Thompson Saber

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015


One thing I like about Cold Steel is they’re not constrained by the typical. They’re not just a knife company, they make staffs and bats out of hardened polymer, offer full swords along with any EDC-capable knife, and they adopt or replicate older style weapons in many of their designs. That is readily apparent in the Thompson Saber, one of their latest designs in 2015. The Thompson Saber was created to Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompson’s specifications as a modern-day fighting saber. It was inspired by Thompson’s extensive experience with Western, Japanese, and Filipino fighting arts, made of 1055 carbon steel with a modified 1904 saber guard and a ray skin-wrapped handle.


Cold Steel – Steven Seagal Ten Shin

Sunday, November 1st, 2015


The Steven Seagal Ten Shin is a polypropylene replica of Steven Seagal’s own custom oversized walking stick. It comes in at 44″ in length, with a weight of 34.1 oz.


Lynn Thompson’s Special Projects – Tactical Katana Machete

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015


Lynn Thompson’s Special Projects, a division of Cold Steel, has released the Tactical Katana Machete. Made of 1055 carbon steel, it features a full tang, a solid steel tsuba (handguard), and an injection over-molded polymer handle.

Weight: 35.2 oz.
Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm
Blade Length: 24″
Overall: 36 1/4″
Handle: 12 1/4″ Long. Polypropylene
Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked-On Anti Rust Matte Finish
Sheath: Cor-Ex Sheath


Cold Steel – Magnum Warcraft Tanto

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014


Cold Steel’s Magnum Tanto is the latest addition to their Warcraft series. It features a 12″ long, 1.5″ wide tanto-style CPM 3-V High Carbon blade with DLC coating. The handle consists of 5″ G-10 scales, with grip ridges, and a lanyard loop. The Magnum Tanto comes with a Secure-Ex sheath.


Cold Steel – Chaos Tanto

Friday, September 5th, 2014


Inspired by the classic Trench Knives of the early 20th century, Cold Steel’s Chaos Tanto features a “D” ring guard made from reinforced 6061 aluminum, offering a comfortable and secure grip while protecting the hand from attack and damage while striking or cutting. The blade itself is 7.5″ of SK-5 high carbon steel, coated in black Tuff-Ex for corrosion resistance and reduced friction. The pommel features a 1055 carbon steel tapered point for Punyo or butt strikes. The Chaos Tanto comes with a Secure-Ex sheath with a belt loop for carry.

Also available with a double edge blade.


Cold Steel – Apocalypse Proof Teaser Video

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Check out this teaser for the latest in the Cold Steel series of ‘proof’ videos, ‘Apocalypse Proof’. No word on a release date.


Cold Steel – Rubber Training Pistols

Monday, February 24th, 2014


New for 2014, Cold Steel has added a series of training firearms to their product offerings. Made from Polypropylene, these training guns are stiff enough to use with drawing and disarming techniques, yet soft enough for hand-to-hand striking situations. Based on some of the most popular pistols in America, the bright green coloration makes it unlikely these training aids would be mistaken for real firearms.


Cold Steel – Gunstock And Indian War Clubs

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Cold Steel has their own versions of two traditional Native American melee weapons: the Gunstock and Indian War Clubs. Both weapons are made from injection molded Polypropylene with realistic wood grain finishes.

Gunstock War Club

The Gunstock War Club is 29.5″ in length with a 1.5″ thickness and a weight of 35.4 oz. It features a ridged centerline, a “Fawn’s Foot” handle, and short steel lance point.


Indian War Club

The Indian War Club is 24″ in length with a 25-30mm (tapered) thickness and a weight of 37.8 oz. The length of the ball is 90mm, with a diameter of 3.25″. The ball is fitted with a removable, blunt, short steel spike.