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Aesent – The World’s Most Comfortable Tent


Aescent is a company that currently has a project up on Kickstarter: ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Tent’. The ‘World’s Most Comfortable Tent’ is a 4-man domed tent with an integrated 6-inch inflatable base attached via zipper access. The inflatable base is designed using an intertwining system of tubes, which limits the ability of air to be unevenly displaced, unlike traditional air mattresses built using a bladder-like construction. The tent is also designed so that it can be used without the mattress, for such times when weight conservation is a must. The tent is still in the prototype phase, and the finalized design is planned to include the addition of internal storage pockets and high-grade aluminum tent poles.


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3 Responses to “Aesent – The World’s Most Comfortable Tent”

  1. Mike says:

    Sorry but this seems like a terrible idea. There is no innovation, it’s just a tent bundled with an air mattress. Even worse it’s heavier than using individual air mattresses, and you have no control over the bottom insulation.

  2. Baldwin says:

    Vehicle transport only. NOT for backpackers.

  3. Vicks says:

    I think it’s a great idea. The only reservation I would have is that inflatable mattresses are not that reliable, prone to deflating around leaky valves or punctures from a stone underneath or a sharp object like a buckle or watch strap above. So a tent designed with a pocket that will hold any ‘standard’ sized double inflatable mattress would be good too.

    When the tent doesn’t have it’s mattress in situ, is it not 6 inches off the ground?

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