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Primer Projects: Fight Crime On Kickstarter


The ‘Fight Crime Shoot Back’ patch is a project on Kickstarter by Primer Projects, a designer who is looking to create high-quality, well-designed goods for the modern shooting sports enthusiast. Made from soft 3D PVC, the finalized patch will be 3.25 x 2.5″ and will feature Velcro hook backing. Primer Projects has partnered with PA-based Combat-Swag to produce the patch, so it’ll be 100% designed and made in the USA.


I’m really liking the clean aesthetics of this initial work and hope to see more from Primer Projects soon.

You can fund the project here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1913447232/primer-projects-fight-crime

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7 Responses to “Primer Projects: Fight Crime On Kickstarter”

  1. Big jerk says:

    a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.

    a person who practices severe self-discipline and abstention.

    Sorry…had to point it out.

  2. Big jerk says:

    Yes, but you used “ascetic.” Or, am I missing something?

  3. Tactical Fanboy says:

    No, you’re right. I’ve fixed the article.

  4. Big jerk says:

    Thanks, bro. I’m kind of obsessive-compulsive.

    I had just finished reading the current copy of the National Tactical Officer’s Association’s magazine, and an author kept using “pneumonic,” when he meant “mnemonic.” It was driving me nuts, so when I saw “ascetic,” I had a mental break down.

    Good day, Sir!

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  6. free says:


    Primer Projects: Fight Crime On Kickstarter « Tactical Fanboy

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