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The Filmography Of Guns On Kickstarter

The ‘Filmography of Guns’ is a project by Cathryn Lavery to create a print that features 115 individual illustrations of iconic guns – real and fantastic – in television and film, featured on a single, large print.


In addition to the print, an in-depth book featuring all 115 guns is also being offered.


This project has already reached its baseline funding goal, however you can still donate to secure a print, book, or reach the higher stretch goals for even greater rewards such as the custom collector book plate.



One Response to “The Filmography Of Guns On Kickstarter”

  1. Jake Snippy says:

    I received this for Christmas. The drawings are great! However, the writing and actual information are clearly rushed and of first draft quality. This book needs a complete re-write and someone who is at least casually familiar with firearms should probably give it a once over. Great idea though, I look forward to a more mature product. Since they got 50k+ from Kickstarter, that seems like a realistic expectation.

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