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TrackingPoint Unveils The Next Generation Of Precision-Guided Semi-Automatic Rifles

Some more news from TrackingPoint, as they have announced three new semi-auto rifles equipped with PGF technology. The full release can be read below:

Pflugerville, TEXAS (October 14, 2014) — TrackingPoint™, creator of the world’s first and only Precision-Guided Firearm (PGF) systems, introduces new semi-automatic rifles that utilize fighter jet lock-and-launch technology enabling shots once considered beyond human ability. The new semi-autos enable you to make routine shots on targets moving up to 15mph out to ranges of more than one half mile. The new precision-guided semi-autos connect via WiFi to TrackingPoint’s newly introduced ShotGlass™ shooting glass technology. The Google Glass™ of hunting and shooting, ShotGlass™ enhances your precision-guided shooting experience via a built-in camera and high definition video display.

“The new semi-auto models were designed for several missions including wild boar eradication, predator control (including coyotes), whitetail hunting, homestead defense, and precision target shooting,” said TrackingPoint CEO John Lupher. “Precision-guided semi-automatic rifles are the game changer. Routinely making extraordinary shots at extreme distances on moving targets is a thrilling experience.”

The new semi-auto Precision-Guided Firearms are based on TrackingPoint’s breakthrough Tag-and-Shoot™ system. Tag-and-Shoot frees the shooter from common errors caused by jitter and trigger jerk. With Tag-and-Shoot, ballistics are calculated automatically and the need to estimate shot hold-over is eliminated, enabling you to successfully eradicate moving targets at extraordinary distances. Third party testing validates that Precision-Guided Firearms enable you to shoot better than the best shooter that ever lived.

TrackingPoint is offering three new semi-auto precision-guided rifles:


A 5.56 caliber with one-third mile range at up to 10MPH target velocity for $7,495.


A 7.62 caliber with half-mile range at 15MPH target velocity for $14,995.


A brand new .300 WM with half-mile range at up to 20MPH target velocity for $18,995.

To learn more go to www.Tracking-Point.com.


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  1. cimg says:

    im digging the backwards front sight assembly to give it a star wars blaster look!

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