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ThinkGeek – Tactical Holiday Stocking


Leave it to ThinkGeek to come up with something like a ‘Tactical Stocking’. Made from “Heavy Duty Nylon”, the all-black tactical stocking features PALS webbing, carabiners, quick-release buckles, a top handle, a Velcro panel, bi-directional side zipper, and a small, external pouch.

If it were in some kind of Christmas-themed camo, and they lost everything but the PALS webbing, external pouch, and the Velcro panel, I might actually want one.



2 Responses to “ThinkGeek – Tactical Holiday Stocking”

  1. T.M. says:

    These have been around for a couple years from LA Police Gear’s website. They have a couple alternatives now. Their ugly sweaters are pretty good too.

  2. […] having a deal on “Tactical” Christmas Stockings. The stocking itself isn’t new (I have a story on one from last year, and they’ve been around for even longer than that), but the 25%-off MSRP might be an […]

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