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TNVC “Going Hot” Leanna Decker Poster

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

TNVC Going Hot Leanna Decker Poster

TNVC is offering a poster taken from the recent Leanna Decker photoshoot they worked on with RECOIL Magazine.


London Bridge Trading – Extremely Limited Offering Of DEFCON Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro “S” In MAS Grey

Friday, January 30th, 2015


Missed out on a chance to grab a pair of Vans Syndicate DEFCON Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro “S” shoes in MAS Grey? Well, this could be your lucky break. Starting at 1200 EST today, LBT will be offering an extremely limited inventory of the Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro “S” in MAS Grey, complete with matching MAS Grey dust cover and Red Lion Label tongue patch. This is sure to go extremely quickly, so get a pair while you can, if you can.


Violent Little Machine Shop – Relinquish U R Fate Charity Patch

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Relinquish U R Fate Charity Patch

Violent Little Machine Shop has made available the Relinquish U R Fate charity patch. Made in support of ART 15’s Relinquish U R Fate Vet Fund Drive, each patch is selling for $10 a piece, with only 100 patches available. 100% of the purchase price are going to benefit the Relinquish U R Fate funding campaign. VLMS already sold about a 1/4 of their stock, so if you’re looking at getting a patch, you’re better off ordering ASAP.


The Relinqish U R Fate Vent Fund Drive is a charity funding campaign started up by the ART 15 crew post-SHOT Show. They are currently trying to raise $15,000 for three charities: Gallant Few, Raider Project, and All In All The Time Foundation. The ‘Relinquish U R Fate’ portion of the fund comes into play should the funding goal be met by March 1st, 2015:

1. Mat Best will shave his beard into a “Dale Comstock” mustache.
2. JT will be tazed by an X-26 Tazer.
3. Rocco will receive a Ranger Up tattoo.


Upcoming Mythbusters Video Games Episode

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

The upcoming January 31st episode of Mythbusters is going to be tackling some video gaming related myths. The one teased in the video is a bit interesting, if silly. They’ve “recreated” a level from DOOM and are attempting to see if it’s possible to realistically carry all the various pickups (weapons, health packs, etc.) that a player would encounter during the game. It’s kinda funny that they picked Adam to play the role of the highly trained space marine, but you gotta keep it in the show, I guess.

Fantastic Four Trailer

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Watch The Venture Bros. Special ‘All This And Gargantua-2’ Complete With Epilogue On AdultSwim.com

Monday, January 26th, 2015

In case you missed it, AdultSwim.com is still hosting the Venture Bros. ‘All This and Gargantua-2’ special, including the epilogue which wasn’t included in the original broadcast, for free. Not only is it a full hour long (well, 50-ish minutes), but it sets up Season 6 in a majorly huge way.


Orange Mod Works

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

They take their NERF seriously

I’m a big fan of NERF blasters and the various affiliated products, and I’ve featured them quite frequently on the site. That’s why I’m a bit shocked that I haven’t heard of Orange Mod Works until quite recently. Orange Mod Works provides aftermarket parts kits for a variety of popular NERF blasters, increasing their performance with new triggers, springs, and more.


They’ve even produced these awesome black magazines with 25-dart double-stack capacity.


SHOT Show 2015 – Maglula – Range Benchloader

Saturday, January 24th, 2015


Maglula’s Range Benchloader is a heavy-duty industrial 30-round loader for most standard .223/5.56 magazines, including aluminum, polymer, and steel magazines. The Benchloader’s design allows users to quickly load up to 30-rounds through its single stroke loading action. Its open design allows for examination of rounds prior to loading, and the design reduces wear on feed lips, prolonging magazine life.


SHOT Show 2015 – IWI – Galil ACE Line

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

The new Galil ACE line was on display at the IWI booth. Currently chambered for 7.62x39mm, the ACE line has the following features:

– reciprocating left side charging handle
– Modern polymer components for weight reduction
– Full length two-piece Picatinny top rail
– Picatinny tri-rail forearm with built-in, removable rail covers
– Adjustable iron sights with Tritium front sight post
– Accepts all standard AK-47 type magazines


This particular variant is a pistol which comes with IWI’s own side folding Stabilizing Brace.


Both this pistol and the side folding Stabilizing Brace variant feature an 8.3″ barrel.

As for upcoming variations of the ACE line, late Summer will see the introduction of the 7.62x51mm ACE, which will consist of two pistols and a full length rifle in multiple barrel lengths, all of which will accept standard SR-25 type magazines. The 5.56 ACE line will be available starting early 2016, and will accept standard AR-15 magazines.


SHOT Show 2015 – Gerber

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

The Vital series was introduced as Gerber’s new introductory hunting line. It consists of multiple tools with replaceable blades, and orange handles and frames for visibility. Tools in the line include the Skin & Gut Knife, Take-a-Part Shears, and Pack Saw.


Gator Premium is an upgrade to the iconic Gator line, which features blades made from S30V steel. The handles of these new knives have a scaly texture very much inspired by their namesake, and they also come with similarly textured sheaths. Only the fixed blade has the metal pommel, although both knives feature lanyard holes. Not pictured are the GH models with a hooked point.


In the image above, you can compare the new Gator Premium Folder CP (top) to the original Gator Folder (bottom).


Here’s the Premium Folder and Fixed knives in their sheaths. This new line is designed and built in Portland, Oregon.


This is the Short Stack. It’s a complete AR-15 armorer’s tool in an extremely compact package. In fact, at the booth it was displayed as fitting inside Magpul MOE and MIAD grips. Rather than unfold in a traditional manner, the tool is held together with a rubber stop as well as magnetically, and each component can be individually separated. It contains the following components:

– Windage elevation sight tool
– Firing pin scraper
– Buffer tube wrench
– Cleaning cable pull handle
– 4mm wrench
– T10 torx
– #0 cross driver
– Bolt carrier & bolt scrapper
– 1/2″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 3/4″ wrenches


The Span Shotgun tool, which features 12 tools in one solid state, which itself separates into two separate components. It features the following:

– 1/4″ standard bit tip driver
– Bit tip storage
– Torque generating design
– 6 bit tips
– pin punch
– 3x hex wrench
– choke tube wrench
– bottle opener


The Airfoil is a folding knife, with a fine edge, T-shaped thumb studs, and a pocket clip. It’s very light weight at only 2.2 oz., and has a very smooth open action.


The Skyridge is an assisted open knife with a fine edge blade, dual thumb studs, and a pocket clip.


SHOT Show 2015 – Game Face Airsoft – GFRS Tormentor

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


The GFRS Tormentor is an electronic AR-15 style airsoft rifle with a built-in pump action spring shotgun. The rifle is capable of semi or full-auto fire, and comes with a 375 round magazine. It features adjustable hop up, and adjustable stock, and Picatinny mounting rail. The shotgun is a spring powered pump action with a metal barrel, 15-shot magazine, and adjustable hop up.


SHOT Show 2015 – Benjamin Airguns – Armada Magpul Edition

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


The Armada Magpul Edition is a .22 caliber airgun which comes equipped with Magpul MOE accessories, including the stock and pistol grip. The aluminum forend is M-LOK compatible for the use of all M-LOK accessories. The trigger is 2-stage, and adjustable.

Additional features include:

– Compatibility with Mil-Spec AR-15 pistol grips and stocks
– Over 20″ of Picatinny rail space
– Over 30 shots per fill
– Comes with a 10 round rotary magazine
– 3000 psi operating pressure


SHOT Show 2015 – Benchmade – Jungle Bolo & Jungle Clip-Point

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


Designed for brush clearing and similar tasks, the Jungle Bolo and Clip-Point knives are made of 1095 Spring Steel. The handles are orange textured Santoprene, and both blades come with a leather sheath with belt loop.


SHOT Show 2015 – Beretta – M9A3

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


Here it is, the M9A3. The most noticeable change from a handling standpoint is the grip. You can definitely feel the difference between it and the grip on the M9A1. The threaded barrel is also a nice touch. The Civilian/LE model is set to release later this year. Below is the original announcement article, courtesy of SSD.


Recently, Beretta has announced the M9A3, the next generation of the M9 US Military Service Pistol. The M9A3 is being submitted via an Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) in accordance with the terms of the current M9 contract.

“The M9A3 represents the next generation military handgun utilizing the best of the legacy M9 combined with proven COTS modifications that increase performance and durability” stated Gabriele de Plano, Vice President of Military Marketing and Sales for Beretta USA. Mr. de Plano added, “After listening closely to the needs of U.S. Army and other Service small arms representatives, we determined the M9, much like its counterpart legacy weapon systems (M4, M16, M240, etc.), was capable of being upgraded through material and design changes. The resulting M9A3 we are offering to the DOD will likely cost less than the current M9 and answer almost all of the Services’ enhanced handgun requirements.”

The M9A3 features:

– A thinner grip
– Removeable, modular wrap-around grip
– 1913 accessory rail
– Removable front and rear tritium sights
– Extended barrel with threading for a suppressor
– 17-round sand-resistant magazine
– Improvement to various small components
– Comes in an Earth Tone finish


SHOT Show 2015 – ASG – CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


ASG has produced a licensed airsoft version of the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1. Developed and manufactured in Denmark using the original CZ CAD 3D drawings, the EVO features an electronic detection system which protects the gearbox from damage, as well as an electronic trigger system for single, 3-burst, and full-auto fire. The EVO also features a built-in low battery detection system, quick change main power spring, ambidextrous controls, empty magazine detection system, and a fully functioning bolt catch for realistic handling.


SHOT Show 2015 – X Products – Can Cannon

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


The Can Cannon is a fully assembled AR-15 upper receiver which is capable of launching a standard unopened 12-ounce can of soda up to 105 yards, using standard MIL-SPEC blanks. It is BAFTE approved as a non-destructive device. Future accessories, including a net launcher and dog training toys will soon follow. Available in Black, FDE, and OD Green.


SHOT Show 2015 – S.O.TECH – Road Warrior Bag

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


The Road Warrior Bag is a general purpose EDC and hygiene bag. Made from 500D Cordura nylon, the Road Warrior features 5 individual compartments designed to carry everything from general hygiene items to batteries and power components.

The front features a Velcro loop panel for ID and morale patches, a transparent window for ID cards, business cards, or luggage cards, and PALS webbing for additional patches. The webbing features integrated shock cord for stowing additional soft items such as a towel.


The main compartment has 10 internal organizing pockets, along with a zippered internal mesh pocket, and a fold out panel with elastic loops for additional items.

Currently available in Black.\


Conan & Archer Battle Russian Mobsters

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Unfortunately, not Conan the Barbarian (although that would be pretty wacky), but Conan O’Brien, the late night talk show host. Last night on Conan, they did a segment animated in the Archer style where Conan was called by Archer to eliminate some Russian gangsters chasing after the titular spy. Also, Archer was driving the 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback from Bullitt.

SHOT Show 2015 – Standard Manufacturing – DP-12

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015


Following in the footsteps of Kel-Tec and UTAS, Standard Manufacturing has developed their own bullpup pump action shotgun with dual magazine tubes, however unlike the former two shotguns which feature a single barrel that feeds from two tubes, the DP-12 features double barrels. Two shells are chambered with each pump, and the trigger must be pulled twice to fire both barrels. Each tube is capable of holding 7 2 3/4″ shells, for a total capacity of 14+2. The DP-12 is machined from a solid billet of aircraft grade 7075 aluminum, and it features a spring loaded recoil pad.

Distributed exclusively by Cheaper Than Dirt!


SHOT Show 2015 – American Tactical GSG MP-40

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015


American Tactical is releasing a .22 LR version of the MP-40. Built to as close as original specs as possible, the .22 MP-40 features synthetic black furniture, adjustable iron sights, and an underfolder stock. It is available with either 10 or 23-round magazines, and limited quantities will come in a handmade pine crate.


SHOT Show 2015 – PTS Syndicate

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

The PTS Syndicate booth had a strong showing at this year’s SHOT Show, with a wide variety of new products and accessories on display.


Drop-in pistol grips were on display, available in multiple angles with texturing. Foregrips were also on display, including a stubby grip, and a long KAC-style grip.


Centurion Arms licensed guns were on display.


A Gas Blowback Masada will soon be available, and will be compatible with LM4 magazines.


Perhaps the most exciting upcoming addition to the PTS line is the Gas Blowback PDR-D. Slightly longer than the electric PDR-C due to the gas action, it will also come with a short, ’20-round style’ magazine, although it will also be compatible with LM4 magazines. The PDR-D is set to come out by year’s end.


Additionally, PTS has their own line of PVC US flag and logo patches, available in a variety of colors.


Be Sure To Stay On Top Of The Latest SHOT Show Coverage From SSD And TFB

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Soldier Systems Daily and Tactical Fanboy will be at SHOT Show delivering news on the latest and greatest straight from the show floor. Both sites will be posting updates throughout the day, and will also be posting updates to their respective Instagram accounts.




Titaner – Machined Capsule

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Machined Capsule

Titaner has released this Machined Capsule. Milled from solid titanium, the capsule is waterproof and corrosion resistant. Its size makes it ideal for carrying items such as first aid equipment, fire starting kit, and more.


Maxpedition – SHOT Show Preview – Falcon-III Pack

Saturday, January 17th, 2015


Maxpedition will be introducing many new products at SHOT Show 2015. One of these upcoming products is the Falcon-III. The Falcon-III is the latest evolution of the Falcon daypack, featuring a larger profile, improved comfort, and a lockable CCW compartment.


• Overall size: 10”(L) x 12” (W) x 20” (H)

• 3D breathable mesh padded back and shoulder straps

• CCW pocket, with lockable zippers. Fits large pistols

• Classic Falcon accordion design, collapses when empty to a low profile

• Colors: B, G, K, F, W


Youth Extreme Outdoors – Extreme Team Camouflage Patterns Preview

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Extreme Team Motocross 3D Pattern

Youth Extreme Outdoors is a new exhibitor which will be present at both SHOT Show 2015 and the Industry Day at the Range. They’ll be showing their new line of 3D camouflage patterns, including the 3D Motocross pattern above. Stay tuned for more information from the show floor!