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Mandalorian / Boba Fett Combat Suit By Ryan B. Flowers


Artist Ryan B. Flowers came up with this more contemporary take on Mandalorian armor, modifying multiple components and integrating what appears to be an armor carrier. It’s a bit different then his usual Dieselpunk-esque work, but not unfamiliar:

Zombie Armor

Mr. Flowers also came up with this amazing ‘Zombie Armor’ that he sold awhile back.

You can check out more of Ryan B. Flowers’ work here: ryanbflowers.com


5 Responses to “Mandalorian / Boba Fett Combat Suit By Ryan B. Flowers”

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  2. Damani Proctor says:

    Am interested, dose it have a fleer cam? What size dose it fit?


  3. Pat Mercier says:

    Im a big fan of starwars…especialy Boba Fett and army gear. Im very interested in buying the amazing suit you created.
    I saw it at 325.00 USD. Is it still available?

  4. Hard Shell says:

    Please advise on the level of protection and weight pls

  5. Steve Almeida says:

    How much do those Mandalorian / Boba Fett Combat Suit cost???

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