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NERF – N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster


Easily one of the most impressive NERF blasters yet released, the N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire is a double-barrel, fixed-position blaster, capable of firing darts up to 90 feet away. The Rhino-Fire is fed by two 25-dart drums, although any standard N-Strike magazines will also work. The Rhino-Fire also features multiple accessory rails, and comes with a tripod.



One Response to “NERF – N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster”

  1. Yes! I love this blaster. But you forgot to mention one of the coolest features of the Rhino-Fire: its motorized, alternating twin barrels. They look really awesomel when firing and they help propel those darts up to the 90 feet while you hold down the trigger continuously. Yup, the Rhino is also fully automatic!

    It also reminds me of the Troika Heavy Machine Gun from the Gears of War series of video games.

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