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Range 15 Movie On Indiegogo


The folks over at Ranger Up and Article 15 clothing have teamed up to form Range 15, and they’re making a movie:

We’re making the military movie you’ve always wanted someone to make: relentless ball busting, guns, explosions, hot chicks, booze, and more guns. We will not dramatically salute each other. We will kill lots of shit, all while using our weapons correctly. Again, there will be hot chicks. Mat will probably sleep with all of them. And I mean that both in the movie and in real life. Seriously, that guy has a real problem. Tim Kennedy may or may not be oiled up in a loin cloth.

They’re looking for funding on Indiegogo, so check out the page for more info:


One Response to “Range 15 Movie On Indiegogo”

  1. babola says:

    What happened to the “quiet types” ?

    And you wonder why general public reacts the way they do on mention of US Special Forces, these days. Having some fun is good but this has gone a little too far, IMO.

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