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Battlbox – Welcome Kit Unboxing


Battlbox is another contender in the somewhat recent trend of monthly subscription boxes. As stated on the packaging, Battlbox offers “survival & tactical gear”, such as paracord, knives, water purification, packs, compasses, etc.


Rather than start customers off immediately at the current month’s box, Battlbox sends a universal ‘Survival Essentials Welcome Kit’. In all honesty, it seems more like a way to get rid of an excess of initial inventory rather than introduce customers to the system and brand. Inside were two cards: one explaining the theme of the box and the other listing off inventory with MSRP pricing. It was placed on top of a bed of straw, which also functioned as padding for the goodies within; the straw also made this the messiest subscription box we’ve ever dealt with, although the box does try to mitigate this annoyance a bit by asking to save said “all natural packing material” for fire tinder.


Battlbox works on a tier system. Customers are free to pay one of four flat fees per month to receive the appropriate level box. The tiers are: Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus-KOTM (Knife of the Month). We sprung for the highest tier, Pro Plus-KOTM, to see everything that could be offered with a box. Included with the Starter Kit, within the appropriate tier levels, is:


  • P-38 small military issue can opener
  • P-51 large military issue can opener
  • Starflash survival signal mirror
  • Emergency survival blanket
  • Gerber style waterproof survival fire starter
  • CRKT Eat’N tool
  • Advanced

  • FM 21-76 Army issue Survival Manual
  • Olive Drab GI Spec Lensatic Marching Compass
  • Tactical 300 lumen 3-mode flashlight
  • Pro

  • Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filtration System
  • Rotho Deluxe Solar Cell Phone Charger
  • Pro Plus-KOTM

  • Kershaw Cryo II Blackwash
  • Like most, if not all, of the subscription box systems, Battlbox does offer all the contents for less than if each item was purchased individually. It’s worth noting, however, that least as far as the Starter Box goes, there are no ‘Battlbox-exclusive’ items that really make the service worthwhile, like with, say, Lootcrate. To be fair, Battlbox is still a relatively new service, with the Mission 2 box dated for April 2015, so with time this could be a non-issue. Additionally, the items inside are functional and will work well enough within their intended scenarios. Regardless, we’re going to suggest that unless you’re a total Survival/Tactical/EDC or Subscription Box Fanboy, you hold off on this service for at least a little while.



    2 Responses to “Battlbox – Welcome Kit Unboxing”

    1. Able2Survive says:

      I think the BattlBox is a rip… I did a breakdown on it in a video to show what I mean… cheaper to buy it on your own and then you don’t get the crap you don’t want…

    2. Eric says:

      Battlbox straight up, is bomb. Hella cool. I have to say that I actually like this companies box far more than I thought I would and far more than the “competitors”. Great new gear especially for a new company. Definitely reccomend if you’re into rock climbing like myself, camping, hiking, military, survival, etc. Even sports and family.

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