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Battlbox – October Unboxing


Battlbox is another contender in the somewhat recent trend of monthly subscription boxes. As stated on the packaging, Battlbox offers “survival & tactical gear”, such as paracord, knives, water purification, packs, compasses, etc.


For October, Battlbox opted to make a ‘Halloween-themed’ box, which when paired with anything remotely “tactical” means zombies, zombies, and more zombies, and for the most part this box delivers in that regard. Again, it’s full of cushioning straw, so if you get your own box, be sure to open it somewhere you don’t mind getting a bit messy.


Battlbox works on a tier system. Customers are free to pay one of four flat fees per month to receive the appropriate level box. The tiers are: Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus-KOTM (Knife of the Month). We sprung for the highest tier, Pro Plus-KOTM, to see everything that could be offered within a box. Included with the October box, within the appropriate tier levels, is:


  • Zombie Tinder Cascades Fire Starting Kit
  • Zombie Paracord Bead by Barrett Custom Knives
  • Zombie Survival Sardine Can
  • Zombie Hunter PVC Morale Patch
  • Zombie Outbreak Response Team Patch
  • Zombie Survival Drink
  • Advanced

  • Zombie Paracord Knife
  • Wazoo Survival Gear DIY Zombie Paracord Bracelet
  • Zombie Paracord x 100 Ft
  • IMG_4349


  • SOG Survival Hawk
  • Zombie Target 24″ x 36″ Poster Special Edition
  • Pro+KOTM

  • MoraKniv Bushcraft Survival Knife
  • All in all, not a bad box. The MoraKniv is definitely the highlight item, although the SOG Survival Hawk isn’t bad, either, and the paracord and associated survival materials are still functional, even if they are zombie themed.


    Also, for those curious about the energy drink, it seems to be faintly berry-flavored. Not bad.



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