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Die Klapperschlange


Die Klapperschlange or ‘The Rattlesnake’ is the alternative title for the German release of the 1981 John Carpenter classic ‘Escape from New York’, one of my favorite films of all time. I didn’t decide to post this poster for the trivia, but to bring attention to that rather unique rifle that Snake doesn’t get to use in the film proper (his primary arm in the film, for what it’s worth, is a suppressed MAC 10 outfitted with a rifle scope). It’s a bit difficult to determine exactly what model the rifle is, although if I had to guess it looks like some kind of AR variant with a unique pistol grip and a removed hand guard.

If anybody had more of a clue what it could be feel free to let me know in the comments section.


3 Responses to “Die Klapperschlange”

  1. mike says:

    looks like it could be an M16/SP1? The grip is covered in this photo and I’m working on a download now to look at it, but the rest of the rifle looks like likely candidate.


  2. Fail83 says:

    Maybe an AR-18 or a variant of a Armscor M1600R…

  3. Mike Honcho says:

    Looking at the size of the receiver next to his hand, and the delicate looking buttstock, I wonder if its an actual weapon at all; rather just a prop gun made from wood and metal scrap.

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